The America First Committee (AFC) was an influential [[isolationist]] organization founded in September 1940. Its primary aim was to keep the United States out of World War II by advocating for neutrality and non-intervention. The group attracted widespread support, boasting approximately 800,000 members at its peak, and included notable figures such as [[Charles Lindbergh]], [[Father Charles Coughlin]], and former U.S. President Herbert Hoover. The AFC opposed any aid to the Allied Powers and fought against the [[Lend-Lease Act]], which provided military aid to countries fighting against Axis powers. The group used rallies, speeches, and media campaigns to express their views and build support for their cause. However, after the Japanese attack on [[Pearl Harbor]] in December 1941, the United States entered the war, and the [[America First Committee (AFC)]] disbanded soon after, as public opinion shifted in favor of intervention. ## More on the history of the America First Committee The AFC represents a complicated part of America's past -- representing a small but vocal wing of Americans who sympathized with [[Adolf Hitler]], [[antisemitism]], and the idea of leaving Europe to the whims of the murderous German dictator. Here is more information about the AFC including investigations of the shady dealings of some of the members of [[Congress]] associated with it: - [America First, 1940s to Trump]( - [Ultra]( -- An MSNBC podcast by Rachael Maddow exploring the isolationist and fascist-sympathizing voices of the AFC era