The American Family Radio Network (AFR) is a radio network of more than 180 stations broadcasting [[conservative]] Christian programming to over 30 of the United States. The network is owned and operated by the American Family Association (AFA), a non-profit conservative Christian organization. The AFR broadcasts a mix of religious programming, news, and conservative commentary. The network's programming includes sermons, Bible teaching, Christian music, and talk shows featuring conservative hosts and commentators. The AFR also airs news updates and commentary from a conservative Christian perspective, as well as commentary on current events and political issues. The AFR is available on radio stations in many parts of the United States, as well as online through the AFR website and mobile apps. The network has been criticized by some progressive groups and individuals for promoting conservative social and political views, including opposition to LGBTQ+ rights and support for conservative Christian values. However, supporters of the AFR and the AFA argue that the network provides a valuable resource for Christian believers and helps to promote conservative Christian values and principles in American society. # Popular programs - James Dobson's Focus on the Family See also: [[Bott Radio Network]], [[Salem Media Group]], [[Council for National Policy (CNP)]], [[✳️ Companies and Orgs Home]]