Founded in 1981, the CNP began as a small group of extreme conservatives who realized that the trends of social liberalization were inexorable, and not going in their preferred direction. Today, the group represents a large interconnected network of extreme right-wing political operatives and donors wielding major -- and mostly unseen -- influence in American politics. Please follow the link for a [primer on the CNP]( # CNP and conservative media One of the pillars of the Council for National Policy's archconservative agenda is the establishment and expansion of a vast right-wing media ecosystem of [[conservative media]] in the United States. Amidst a colony collapse of local journalism in America, the CNP's leadership roster founded and/or consolidated a number of conservative broadcast, publishing, and digital enterprises into a tight network of mouthpieces spouting a similar chorus of [[plutocracy]] and [[theocracy]] ideologies into the political discourse -- with the net effect of pushing the right to ever more aggressive extremes. ## Conservative radio Three key conglomerates control the airwaves within the conservative talk radio ecosystem: 1. [[Salem Media Group]] 2. [[Bott Radio Network]] 3. [[American Family Radio]] ## CNP Members Work in progress as they are secretive about their roster: - [[Paul Weyrich]] - [[Ralph Reed]] - Kellyanne Conway - [[Steve Bannon]] - [[Erik Prince]] - Robert Mercer - Rebekah Mercer - [[Leonard Leo]] - Jay Sekulow - [[Wayne LaPierre]] - Richard DeVos, Sr. and Jr. - Richard Vaguerie - James Dobson - Morton Blackwell - Tim LaHaye - Beverly LaHaye - Tony Perkins - Edwin Meese III - Edgar Prince - Foster Friess - Marjorie Dannenfelser - Penny Nance - Jenny Beth Martin - Kristan Hawkins - Lila Rose - Paige Patterson - Bill Dallas - Paul Teller - Paul Pressler III - Stuart W. Epperson - Neil Patel - Todd Starnes - Tim Phillips - Edward G. Atsinger - Richard P. Bott Sr., and II - Donald Wildmon - Richard Land See also: [[Moral Majority]], [[Southern Baptist]], [[✳️ Companies and Orgs Home]]