The New World Order (NWO) is a [conspiracy theory]( that suggests a secretive, powerful elite is working towards establishing a single, global totalitarian government. This group is often thought to consist of wealthy individuals, politicians, and influential organizations, with some variations of the theory also involving secret societies, such as the [Illuminati]( or Freemasons. While the specifics of the NWO theory can differ among its proponents, several key themes are usually present: 1. **Centralization of power**: The NWO conspiracy posits that this elite group aims to centralize political, economic, and social power by dissolving national boundaries and creating a one-world government. 2. **Global surveillance and control**: Proponents of the NWO theory believe that the ultimate goal of this world government is to exert total control over the global population, often through [[surveillance]], [indoctrination](, and the suppression of individual freedoms. 3. **Manipulation of events**: The NWO conspiracy suggests that world events, such as wars, economic crises, and political movements, are orchestrated by the elite to further their agenda and destabilize existing power structures -- a version of [global cabal theory]( 4. **Occult symbolism**: Some variations of the NWO theory claim that the elite uses occult symbols and rituals as a means of communicating and maintaining control. It is important to note that the New World Order conspiracy theory is not based on concrete evidence, and experts and laypeople alike consider it a baseless and unfounded belief. Critics argue that the theory relies on misinformation, [logical fallacies](, and a fundamental misunderstanding of global politics and [economics](