In contrast to the intelligence displayed by humans and animals, artificial intelligence or AI refers to intelligence demonstrated by machines. Founded as an academic discipline in 1956, AI has progressed rapidly in recent years alongside great advances in computing. During the 21st century, the field has been dominated by [[machine learning (ML)]], a framework of computing and statistical modelling that has produced numerous [applications now in use by corporations and the general public]( Since the advent of [[ChatGPT]] however, AI has become inseparably associated with [[generative AI]] -- the ability for artificial intelligence tools to create text, images, audio, and video from scratch based on one or more input prompts. The release of [[OpenAI]]'s dizzyingly popular generative text engine has set off a frenzy of investment and activity not just in business, but in almost every sector of modern life from education to entertainment to health care and beyond. One primary long-term goal of AI is to create an [[Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)]] -- an intelligent machine that has the capacity to learn or understand any intellectual task that a human being is able to master. # Notable figures in AI - [[Elon Musk]] -- invested in [[OpenAI]], the makers of [[ChatGPT]] - [[Peter Thiel]] - Sam Altman -- [[OpenAI]] CEO - Fei-Fei Li -- groundbreaking work in computer vision - Demis Hassabis - Alan Turing - Marvin Minsky -- did seminal work on neural networks - John McCarthy -- coined the term in 1955 - Yoshua Bengio -- deep learning domain expert - Geoffrey Hinton -- machine learning guru and deep learning expert # Topics in AI - [[Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)]] - [[Big Data]] - [[Bing Image Creator]] - [[CustomGPT]] - [[Dall-E 2]] --> Dall-E 3 - [[deep learning]] - [[large language models (LLM)]] - [[machine learning (ML)]] - [[Midjourney]] - [[Natural Language Processing (NLP)]] - [[neural network]] - [[Stable Diffusion]] - [[transformer models]]