Lynde and Harry Bradley were influential American industrialists, philanthropists, and [[conservative]] political activists, born in the early 20th century. The brothers are best known for founding the Allen-Bradley Company, which later became Rockwell Automation, as well as the Bradley Foundation, which has played a significant role in shaping American [right-wing thought and policy]( Lynde Bradley was born on March 8, 1903, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, while his younger brother, Harry Bradley, was born on December 21, 1905, in the same city. The two were raised in a close-knit family that valued hard work and entrepreneurship. Their father, Dr. Stanton Allen, was a dentist who instilled a strong work ethic and passion for innovation in his children. After attending local schools, Lynde Bradley studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he earned a degree in electrical engineering. Harry Bradley, on the other hand, studied at the Marquette University, earning a degree in mechanical engineering. The brothers shared a strong interest in technology and innovation, which eventually led them to establish the Allen-Bradley Company in 1903. ## The Allen-Bradley Company The Allen-Bradley Company specialized in electrical controls and automation equipment, quickly growing to become one of the largest and most successful manufacturers in its field. The company's groundbreaking products, such as the rheostat, played a crucial role in the expansion and modernization of the United States' manufacturing sector. As their company flourished, the Bradley brothers became increasingly involved in philanthropy and conservative political activism. In 1942, they established the [Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation](, which aimed to support various causes, including education, health, and civic improvement. Over time, the foundation evolved to focus on promoting conservative ideas and policy, becoming one of the most influential conservative organizations in the United States. ## Conservative political activism The Bradley Foundation has been instrumental in supporting various conservative [[think tank]]s, including the [[Heritage Foundation]] and the [[American Enterprise Institute (AEI)]]. It has also played a significant role in shaping policy debates and fostering conservative ideas in areas such as limited government, free market ideology, and strong national defense. The Bradley brothers continued to lead the Allen-Bradley Company until their deaths. Lynde Bradley passed away in 1985, and Harry Bradley in 1965. The company was eventually sold to Rockwell International in 1985, becoming a part of what is now known as Rockwell Automation. Lynde and Harry Bradley were influential figures in American industrial history, as well as significant players in shaping the conservative political landscape. Through their company, the Allen-Bradley Company, they revolutionized the manufacturing sector, and their foundation, the Bradley Foundation, has had a lasting impact on conservative thought and policy in the United States.