Pat Buchanan, an American [conservative]( political commentator, author, and politician, has long advocated for stronger border security between the United States and Mexico. Though he has never directly proposed or built a "border wall" himself, Buchanan has been a vocal proponent of the idea of constructing barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border in an attempt to curb illegal immigration and drug trafficking. Buchanan's support for a border wall gained prominence during his presidential campaigns in the 1990s and early 2000s, particularly in his 1996 and 2000 bids for the Republican nomination. In his 2006 book, "State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America," Buchanan expressed concerns about the impact of illegal immigration on the United States and called for stronger border security measures, including the construction of a physical barrier along the southern border. ## Pat Buchanan's Border Wall While Pat Buchanan himself did not build or implement a border wall, his advocacy for the idea has influenced conservative political discourse on immigration in the United States. The concept of a border wall became a central campaign promise of [[Donald Trump]] during his successful [2016 presidential campaign](, leading to the construction of some new border barriers during his presidency.