[Republican](https://doctorparadox.net/the-gop-is-3-cults-in-a-trenchcoat/) powerbroker who joined forces with [[Jerry Falwell Sr.]] in the 1970s to launch the first incarnation of the modern [right wing](https://doctorparadox.net/tag/right-wing/) we know today. A [fundamentalist](https://doctorparadox.net/diptychs/the-artist-vs-the-fundamentalist/) Catholic, he rejected the liberal reforms of Vatican II and converted to the Eastern Orthodox sect of Catholicism. Close associate of [[William S. Lind]]. ## Founder of conservative supergroups: - The [[Heritage Foundation]] - Republican Study Committee - The Weyrich Lunch ## Paul Weyrich Connections Visit the Paul Weyrich connections mind map:[![[Screenshot by Dropbox Capture 1.png]]](<https://kumu.io/doctorparadox/koup-klux-klan#main-map/annotated-view/paul-weyrich?focus=1>)