An early investor in [[Facebook]] and member of the [[PayPal]] Mafia (see: [[PayPal Mafia Timeline]]), Thiel is a gay German immigrant who awkwardly spoke at the [[Republican National Committee (RNC)]] in support of [[Donald Trump]] in 2016 and funds various right-wing candidates including: * Blake Masters in Arizona (who lost his [[Senate]] bid in 2022) * [[JD Vance]] in Ohio (who became the Senator-elect in 2022) Thiel's company [[Palantir]] is a [[Big Data]] firm that makes money exclusively from government[[ intelligence]] agencies, while he actively funds anti-government ideology individuals and groups. ## Peter Thiel's wealth Here's a breakdown of Peter Thiel's wealth by type, based on the most recent available information: ![[thiel-wealth.jpg]] Please note that the values listed above are approximate and subject to change. Additionally, it's worth noting that Peter Thiel's net worth and the breakdown of his wealth by type are based on publicly available information and may not be complete or entirely accurate.