Ralph Drollinger is an American clergyman and former professional basketball player known for his involvement in establishing and leading Capitol Ministries, an organization that focuses on ministering to politicians and public servants. Born on April 20, 1954, in La Mesa, California, Drollinger stands out not just for his height (he is 7 feet 2 inches tall) but also for his unique path from sports to spiritual leadership. Drollinger's journey into the public eye began with his college basketball career at UCLA, where he played under the legendary coach John Wooden. He was part of the UCLA Bruins team that won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championships in 1972 and 1973. After college, he played professionally, including a brief stint in the NBA with the Dallas Mavericks and overseas. ## From the court to the church However, Drollinger's focus shifted significantly after his basketball career, moving towards Christian ministry. He founded Capitol Ministries in 1996 with the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ in the [political arena](https://doctorparadox.net/category/politics/) throughout the world. The organization aims to spread the Gospel and biblical principles among politicians and government officials, offering Bible study sessions, prayer meetings, and spiritual counseling. It has established ministries in state capitals across the United States and expanded internationally to minister to public officials in foreign capitals. Drollinger has been a controversial figure, especially due to his [[conservative]] views on various social and political issues, which he often discusses in the context of his ministry. His influence in Washington, D.C., grew significantly with the [[Donald Trump]] administration, during which he led weekly Bible study sessions attended by Cabinet members and other top government officials. His access to and influence over prominent government leaders have brought him both support and criticism. Drollinger's work reflects a blend of [evangelical Christian faith](https://doctorparadox.net/trump-is-losing-evangelicals/) and conservative politics, emphasizing the importance of applying biblical principles to governance and public policy. Through Capitol Ministries, he has played a notable role in the intersection of religion and politics in the United States, advocating for what he sees as a biblical foundation in the lives of public servants.